Why I don’t Like Linux

28 01 2009

Many distros, such as Ubuntu do have good “out of the box” support but driver support still lags behind nevertheless. I don’t want to spend time searching for drivers and then typing in tons of commands to get things up and running properly. Sure you can go buy specific hardware that is known to be Linux compatible but isn’t that like having to live with a MAC??!??!!???!!

Every distro has a package manager. However I cannot keep count of the number of times I have seen how friends installed a package that does not work. Then when They go and search in the forums, They get answers telling them “download this” and “type these commands”. Wait a minute! Shouldn’t it just work without all the run around???? Does anyone realize how annoying and confusing that is for users? To them it looks like an easy way to install new software but then they get a nasty surprise. Folks the average user hates that.

Command Terminal:
Look it’s 2009. The public doesn’t want to type in commands. GUI’s have been around for how long? It’s obvious by the success of Windows that users want an easier experience. However in Linux you just can’t get many things done without typing in commands. It’s time consuming. Users want to use their software and do things, not spend time typing commands. Users need something easier and intuative. If you don’t want to give up the need for a terminal fine but don’t complain when the public still prefers Windows and it’s easy GUI that does nearly everything by point and click. If Windows is so bad why is it so popular? If what makes it so popular is something you do not want to offer then all the complaining and comparing is pointless. At that point you might as well just accept that you’re never going to be more popular than Windows, be quite, and play with your Linux quietly.

There are many forums. Some of them are good. Some of them are full of arrogant jerks that just hate Windows and turn off nearly every new Linux user they run into. Regardless, as a new Linux user you spend more time in a forum begging for help than you do actually enjoying Linux. PLUS! If you have a serious problem that keeps you from getting on the internet…..how do you get to the forums? Take a guess…using another system. Isn’t it embarrassing to need to use a Windows system to go onto a forum to get Linux help? Doesn’t that make a statement about Linux?

There are some great packages that shine. However the vast majority is of the same quality as shareware for Windows. I understand that it’s free and I shouldn’t complain but look it either fills a need or it doesn’t. I’m not going to use something crappy just because it’s free.

Linux fails miserably for 3D gaming. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again. If Linux could get a standardized 3D system like DirectX and attract gamers, it’s popularity would skyrocket. There are a few 3D games out there but most of them are hacked ports to Linux that are full of bugs, not to mention that the games are old news. Even if a user is not a big gamer, they still will play a game every once in awhile, and they want something that blows their mind. Linux doesn’t offer that.

Microsoft has Linux beat hands down in this area. There are so many Linux distros and each of them are doing their own thing. Linux software is a hodgepodge of different packages that may or may not work with your distro. Windows users hate the fact that there are a handful of Windows versions that require different drivers. Do you honestly think that they’re going to like something with even more variations? There is a point when too much freedom becomes chaos.

File System and Naming:
In DOS and Windows, file extensions indicate a purpose. In Linux anything goes. People need some kind of clearly defined order to lead them in the right direction. Furthermore it saves time to immediately recognize a file for what it is or how it’s used.

Also some of the names given to software and commands are well…..nuts. It’s looks like someone dropped scrabble blocks on the floor and randonly selected letters to name things. Overall we come back to the chaos issue.

I’m pretty fed up with the excuses. I’m often told stuff like “Linux isn’t meant for that” or “Linux isn’t trying to be Windows”. Own up to the truth. Linux has serious problems. While it may not be trying to be 100% like Windows, to the eye, it has the same general appearance and there is an OBVIOUS reason for that – users want it. So stop covering up the problems and making excuses when things fail. Linux wants to be better than Windows. It wants to be the more popular OS. It wants to offer all the features that Windows offers.

Until linux developers and supporters stop hating Windows enough to get inside the heads of Windows users, Linux will NEVER beat Windows. Consumers use what they like. OBVIOUSLY they like Windows more, no matter what excuses are offered. Why in the world would users turn down a free OS for a commercial one unless there are big things they don’t like? Stop trying to tell consumers why they should hate Windows. Instead concentrate on making Linux something that consumers really want. Not what you think they should want.

The fact is that most computer users are novices. You must cater that crowd to be successful at overtaking Windows. There is no honor in being able to use a more complex operating system. Nobody is impressed. Nobody cares. An operating system should make things easier NOT harder. If Linux devs would face the truth and cater to the needs of the public they might be more successful.

Here’s the killer for Linux and if devs and hardcore fans could wipe the hatred away front their eyes long enough to see it, they would. At the current rate of development, Windows is better equipped to steal ideas from Linux and put it into an easy to use package. Linux, on the other hand cannot develop quickly enough. Unless devs band together, standardize, and get serious about winning over the public, Linux may never catch up.

I know some Linux fan is going to say something about how wrong I am but that type of response is at the heart of the problem. You can’t tell a consumer how they should feel or how they should perceive a product. You must adapt to the consumer. If the consumer doesn’t like what you have, then YOU are wrong and you will never convince them otherwise.





17 responses

7 06 2009

Excelent ! It is true, linux has no chance to beat windows because linux users are arrogant jerks.

25 06 2010

your right we are arrogants because we use a real operating system

11 09 2009

Tienes razón, somos arrogantes. Por que usamos un sistema operativo de verdad.

19 05 2010

UNIX-like operating systems are awesome, they were designed for leading a different market (mainframes) with their great stability and amazing performance, that is, they were not made for PCs nor ordinary final users but serious network administrators. That is why most of UNIX-like operating systems are not worthy to users who are used to Apple Mac OS or Microsoft Windows which are well-known for their friendly desktop applications (GUIs). Lately, UNIX-like operating systems include GUIs (GNOME, KDE, and so on) so that people feel more like giving a try. By the way, Apple Mac OS is now a UNIX-like OS. XD

P.D. There are gnu/linux users who are arrogant jerks, I definitely agree with marco when I read writtings from guys like Peter, however, not all of us (UNIX-like OS users) are like that. I love my Windows platform as well as my UNIX-like ones (Gentoo GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, Mac OS X)

25 06 2010

Hey there one thing linux was launched before windows was and apple was
so windows imitated linux and mac too

2 09 2010

+1 Sobre la estandarización.

Y también quiero agregar que X11 es una mierda que alguien debería reescribirlo para el mundo moderno… TIENE 23 AÑOS SIN SER MODIFICADO POR MAS QUE PLUGINS!!!

Y aunque no lo quieran aceptar, usar GUI es mucho mas rápido e intuitivo que usar la consola de comandos… Aunque claro, si te conocés todos los comandos de memoria va a ser mas rápido que con GUI, pero aprendete esto y después contame: http://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-doc.html (Además de que perdés tiempo leyendo la documentación, que es irrelevante en un programa con GUI ya que la GUI es intuitiva por si sola)

18 04 2012
Ernesto Manríquez

Puedes apoyar el proyecto Wayland. Tienes toda la razón, pero alguien debe pagar a la gente que va a “reescribir X para el mundo moderno”.

31 03 2011

Your not the target market for Linux. Its for people who want a light, secure operating system. With out worrying about viruses, or there server going down. Anyways its gotten a lot better in the last couple of years. I’d say its at least on par with window now(I find that I spend more time updating and looking for drivers on my windows rig). The only reason I keep a windows rig is for the gaming, and Microsoft’s actions have said that they don’t care about gaming( Switching to the NT kernel, and then pumping out the x box, and 360. Have you seen the amount of new games for the computer? The local marts are basically down to 4 ft of jewel cases.) As soon as WINE get to a more usable level I’m switching completely over.

18 04 2012
Ernesto Manríquez

You state indirectly several other reasons that can explain why Linux can’t beat Windows.

1. You are writing this entry in English, and knowing English is absolutely and positively needed to read all the forums and to learn about all the things you need to do to make Linux truly shine.
2. Linux abilities with managed code are worse and less standardized than Windows.
3. And there’s the distro thing.
4. And the support thing.
5. And the fact Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distro, still can’t reliably update itself.

The truth is: Linux needs money to succeed. And in those fields where it has the money, it is DESTROYING Windows, single-handedly. Since there isn’t money in the desktop, there aren’t developers, and we need to rely in the guys who write GNOME or KDE. Also, there are no drivers because there isn’t any market need (needless to say, neither professional Quadro or FireStream video cards have any issues with Linux).

And we need to channel that money into Linux instead of investing it in Windows, because of two things your post fails to address: the importance of Software Freedom and the technological independence question. After all, you, as well as I, are a Chilean guy, and I consider the strategy of bowing and buying thousands of VLKs to feed all public and private institutions with Windows licenses as failed. Buying tech from USA instead of developing our own tech based in the FOSS building blocks readily available won’t get us anywhere.

19 12 2012

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25 06 2013
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14 02 2015
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